new family member

A new family member

This is our new baby Zara, our new family member. We  welcomed her to our family on 27th of August. We are all very excited to have her…


Everlasting Friendship

The house is quiet. Dad is reading some football news. I am editing photos, Hugo is playing with his cars, Lola lying next to him dosing off. Suddenly…


Greyhound Gap

Recently I started volunteering for Greyhound Gap. It is a dog rescue mainly re-homing and looking after greyhounds and lurchers but from time to time other breeds get…

All I want is make you smile

Lola, The Calendar Girl

Yes, Lola is my calendar girl. I love her dogsonality, she always makes me smile. Sometimes I come home stressed for all the different reasons, but as soon…


Pets Magazine

We love our pets, we love them the way they are. In my work I am trying to portray their personalty and capture their essence.  I was over…


Birthday girl

She is one, born on 07/07/2014, one day after my hubby’s Birthday! She is our mischievous happiness and bundle of jumping joy. She is my dream come true,…


Max, our friend

Max, come play with us! Full of beans, ready to run, jump, play and have some fun!


Greyhounds with personalities

Mindy & Sky, two greyhounds with great personalities. It was my pleasure to photograph this pair. It is amazing how dogs show their expressions and personalities. No matter…


Pets love

Minnie, the King Charles spaniel, she is 9  but still likes to play hide and seek under the chair. I love the bond between her and her mum….

Smiley Joe

Smiley Joe

Joe is Lola’s best friend. Whenever I mention his name, she starts looking for him. He is such a great character, always happy to share kisses and huuuuge…